Beer (for wholesalers)

Van Dijk Wholesale is a superb beer wholesale supplier waiting to serve you! Beer is an essential product to various types of shops, and the market for craft beer and flavoured beer just keeps growing as well. Our range of beers was chosen to include both very popular and very good beers.


Van Dijk Wholesale is best known as a specialist dealer in sweets and confectionery. To many different types of shops, we are also a beer wholesale supplier. We supply everything from pilsener to craft and flavoured beers or locally produced beers. Our range of beers comprises various brands, such as:

  • Heineken pilsener;
  • Hertog Jan pilsener;
  • Amstel pilsener;
  • Grolsch pilsener;
  • Bavaria pilsener;
  • Warsteiner;
  • Brand.

In addition to the aforementioned beers, we also have an extensive range of special brews, such as locally produced craft beers and flavoured beers drunk all over the world. Our range also comprises alcohol-free and low-alcohol beers.


Van Dijk Wholesale has been the place where wholesalers go to buy beer since 1959. We are a family business characterised by a personal approach and genuinely fabulous service. In October 1979, we moved into a new building at Handelsstraat 5 in Kampen, where our company stayed until 2008. After that year, Van Dijk Wholesale moved to Eckertstraat 19, where we still have our headquarters today.


We are convinced that Van Dijk Wholesale is the best beer wholesale supplier in and around Kampen. We love to surprise our clients with new beers and craft beers, and we supply alcohol-free beer, as well. All procurement officers are welcome to do business with us, whether they are buying things for their sports club’s cafeteria or for a society. If you’re looking for a beer wholesale supplier, sign up for a free account that will allow you to use our online shop and take advantage of all the benefits we have in store for you…


Want to purchase beer from us? We’ll be happy to arrange this for you. If you’d like some personalised advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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