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From confectionery and beverages to frozen products and snacks. We’ll provide you with the most delicious food products for your company, sports centre, specialist dealership or supermarket.



Sports canteens

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we treat our clients like Family,
in our business dealings

We will always give you low prices and excellent service. You will have a designated contact person, which allows us to keep our lines of communication short. We will discuss your options with you, follow common sense in our dealings with you and act in accordance with the principles of transparency and mutual respect. We have incorporated these ideals into our motto: We treat our clients like family, while remaining highly professional in our business dealings.


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OWhether your business is a wholesale supplier or a border area shop, we can provide you with everything you need to give your customers, employees and guests a special treat, ranging from a nice biscuit to go with their coffee to perfect snacks to serve with some alcoholic beverages. However, we also supply non-food products, such as toilet paper and hand sanitiser. Want to see the kinds of products we supply? Go straight to our ordering portal.

Since 1959

Seasonal products

There is a festive occasion in every season. Take the festival of St Nicholas, for instance, or Christmas, or Easter, or the summer holidays. These are good occasions to show your employees, customers or relations how much you appreciate them by treating them to a chocolate letter, an utterly delicious chocolate Easter bunny or a Christmas hamper whose contents you can purchase from us.

We have special product lines for all sorts of wonderful hampers, to mark all the special occasions that take place during the year.

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“Selecta has chosen to order all its snacks and soft drinks from Van Dijk Wholesale. Together, we realise solid profit margins by putting the right range of products that are guaranteed to sell well in our vending machines.”

How it works

1. Your own point of contact

After you have contacted us, we will link you to the right contact person.


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2. Personal advice

We give you personal advice and prepare a quote for you.

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3. Make your choice

In our order portal you can easily order the desired select products.

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4. Place your order

Place your order by email, telephone or via us order portal.

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If you’d like to hear more about Van Dijk Wholesale or about the kind of products we supply, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Isn’t it great when you can order all the food and non-food products you need from one single supplier? That’s the huge advantage of dealing with a one-stop shop. You can fill your shopping basket online in one go, pay one single bill and receive everything you’ve ordered at the same time. Wish to experience for yourself how easy it is? Go straight to our online shop.

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