Wholesale suppliers

Do you operate a wholesale supplier of your own, and are you looking for new food and non-food products with which to expand your range? Let’s say, crisps, sweets, soft drinks and energy drinks? We can provide you with all these things! This is a useful solution for small-scale wholesale suppliers which only produce one type of product themselves – let’s say, soft drinks. Such small-scale wholesale suppliers don’t need to procure an entire pallet’s worth of products. We supply the actual number of products you need, and make sure that we have enough of these products in stock.


We offer excellent service, as well as very attractive pricing. We use short lines of communication, and you’ll be assigned a designated contact person with whom you will do all your business. We genuinely listen to our clients and follow common sense in whatever we do. We have incorporated these ideals into our motto: ‘We treat our clients like friends, while remaining highly professional in our business dealings.’


We operate a food product wholesale supplier with an extensive range of products. We can provide you with pretty much whatever you can find in a supermarket. We stock many brands, including premium brands such as Coca Cola, Lipton, Mars and Heineken, as well as house brands such as the well-known Coffee (for wholesalers), all of which you can order from our wholesale warehouse. So whatever your budget, you will be able to buy something to your liking. Sign up as a client and you will be able to order your products online quickly and easily, and we’ll make sure your order will be delivered to your company soon. Needless to say, you can also place an order by calling our employees or sending them an email.

De Boer Groothandel

“We’ve done business with Van Dijk Wholesale every week for several decades now. What we love most is the very pleasant way in which their employees communicate with us. Despite the fact that the company has grown quite a bit, they still focus on customer satisfaction. Their service and customer-oriented attitude have stayed at the same high level.”

Why you should choose us

  • 2,500 types of products in stock
  • All products delivered by your own designated driver, straight from our climate-neutral distribution centre
  • Ordering things from our online shop is easy
  • We have our own technical support service for the maintenance of our Campenaer Koffie machines

Can I help you?

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