We’re a Christmas hamper wholesaler, and as such, we do things a little differently. Since we sell a very wide range of products by different premium brands as well as our own brands, we can offer you the option of assembling your own unique Christmas hampers. Our own-brand Christmas products (including rice crackers, Croky party stars and syrup waffles) allow you to create an original Christmas hamper of your own. This is why Christmas hamper suppliers buy all their products from us!


If you are a supplier who is looking for original products to put in its Christmas hampers for its business relations, do yourself a favour and check out our range of products. After all, we are the wholesale supplier that sells the most stylish, original and flavoursome products for Christmas hamper suppliers. Placing an order with us is very easy: you can do it through our seasonal products account manager, Michiel Kampherbeek. You can choose from premium brands or from one of our own festive product lines in a particular colour. We make sure that the product is delivered, thus allowing you to make your customers happy with an original Christmas hamper.

Try our products out for yourself…

If you’re trying very hard to find products for your Christmas hampers and keen to know you’re making the right choice, you may wish to ask us to send you some samples. This will allow you to get bit of a taster and select the very best products. All you’ll have to do at that point is tell us how many you want and place the order. It’s as simple as that.


Dutch Diamonds syrup waffles (red)

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Personalised advice

We’ll be very happy to help you choose the right products for your Christmas hampers. If you’d like some personalised advice or a quote, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Whatever you end up doing, we wish you and your employees a great Christmas break!

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