St Nicholas


We believe there’s more to St Nicholas’s Day than just satirical poems and presents. It’s also a festival of yummy sweets. Whether it’s chocolate letters you want or bulk bags of gingerbread chunks (‘pepernoten’) or small speculoos biscuits (‘kruidnoten’) and other sweets, we have all the delicacies traditionally associated with St Nicholas. Your company or specialist dealership, too, needs these quintessentially Dutch treats.

Chocolate letter wholesale supplier

If you’re looking for the very best chocolate letters to sell to retailers, look no further than us. We supply as wholesale supplier regular chocolate letters by familiar brands such as Droste and Verkade, but we also sell fancier letters. Upon request, you can have your luxury chocolate letters customised with a logo or slogan. Whether you’re a wholesale supplier or a small or medium-sized enterprise, you’ll find the most delicious luxury chocolate letters you’re after at Van Dijk!

Bulk bags of gingerbread chunks and speculoos biscuits

Are you looking for a wholesale supplier that has an extensive range of bulk bags of gingerbread chunks (‘pepernoten’) and small speculoos biscuits (‘kruidnoten’) and other sweets to choose from? If so, do yourself a favour and check out our range of products. We have gingerbread chunks and small speculoos biscuits and other sweets by all the well-known premium brands, even in large quantities. Our bulk bags of gingerbread chunks and small speculoos biscuits and other sweets are often purchased by organisers of St Nicholas festivities. Because why would you buy multiple small bags if you can purchase one enormous 10kg bag?

Have a little taster…

Are you considering surprising your employees with delicious chocolate letters, or would you like to order some bulk bags of gingerbread chunks to be enjoyed at the office? Perhaps you’d like to have a little taster, to make sure the flavour and quality are up to your standards? If so, don’t hesitate to request a sample bag and try our delicious products for yourself.

Chocolate letters with your logo on them

We sell chocolate letters in many different flavours, but you can also order chocolate letters with your logo on them from us. They are a great way for your company to add a personal touch to the Sinterklaas gift you give your employees. Would you like to surprise your employees by giving them a chocolate letter with your logo on it? We sell luxury chocolate letters with company logos on them, provided by an absolutely superb chocolate wholesale supplier.

St Nicholas gifts for your employees

Want to give your employees a pleasant surprise during the cold December days by giving them a nice St Nicholas gift? After all, the festival of St Nicholas isn’t only about family get-togethers, presents and satirical poems. It’s also about sweets, chocolate letters, large bags of gingerbread chunks (‘pepernoten’) and small speculoos biscuits (‘kruidnoten’) and much else. In its capacity as a chocolate letter wholesale supplier, Van Dijk Wholesale has an extensive range of sweets and traditional treats to gift others on the day of St Nicholas. By giving your staff St Nicholas gifts, you can show them your appreciation for all their hard work over the course of the year. Since many of our St Nicholas gifts can be customised, your employees won’t forget them in a hurry.

See the moon shines through the trees, bakers bake your speculoos.

Luxury Chocolate Letter with slogan ‘’Jij bent goud waard’’

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