Sports canteens

Sports club cafeterias

Whether your team’s supporters want a cup of Campenaer Koffie while watching the game from the side line or some ‘bitterballen’ (round croquettes) to munch on after the game, we have the most delicious snacks and beverages for your sports club’s cafeteria.

Local clubs

Although we work with companies and clubs all over the country, we love being active in our own region, as well. For instance, we work with many sports clubs in and around Zwolle. We like to be involved and support several sports clubs in the greater Zwolle region.

From energy drinks to croquettes

It’s Saturday afternoon, so naturally, there’s a football match going on at the club. The players will come and get an energy drink in the canteen for some added vigour. Meanwhile, their parents will be watching the game from the side line while enjoying a cup of Campenaer Koffie, and after the game, there will be beers and ‘bitterballen’ (round croquettes) in the cafeteria!

Complete cafeteria package

With our Campenaer Koffie brand, we allow you to serve coffee in your club’s canteen, or at the business seats. In addition, we can supply your canteen with all the other products it needs, such as beer, soft drinks, snacks, sweets and cleaning agents.

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Why you should choose us

  • 2,500 types of products in stock
  • All products delivered by your own designated driver, straight from our climate-neutral distribution centre
  • Ordering things from our online shop is easy
  • We have our own technical support service for the maintenance of our Campenaer Koffie machines

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