Vending machine operators

We are the Dutch market leader in terms of sales to vending machine operators and catering businesses. We supply exclusive products and best-selling products by premium brands.


We talk to the vending machine operators we do business with every week. As a result, we have short lines of communication, and we keep our finger on the pulse in the market. We indirectly supply the products for some 10,000 vending machines in the Netherlands. Thanks to our close relations and short lines of communication with our clients, we get to decide what kinds of products must be ordered.


We have a very extensive variety of products to be sold in vending machines, ranging from a can of Lipton Iced Green Tea to a bag of Croky Popchips. We also offer many healthier snacks and beverages. Since we have close ties to the manufacturers, we are flexible and offer vending machine operators like yourself favourable arrangements. In this way, we allow you to make the most of your vending machines, both in terms of the range of products provided and in terms of price!


“Selecta has chosen to order all its snacks and soft drinks from Van Dijk Wholesale. Together, we realise solid profit margins by putting the right range of products that are guaranteed to sell well in our vending machines.”

Why you should choose us

  • 2,500 types of products in stock
  • All products delivered by your own designated driver, straight from our climate-neutral distribution centre
  • Ordering things from our online shop is easy
  • We have our own technical support service for the maintenance of our Campenaer Koffie machines

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