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We supply our food and non-food products to a great variety of companies, ranging from small and medium-sized enterprises, sports club cafeterias and wholesalers to border area shops, vending machine operators, catering businesses and online shops that sell sports products.

Tasty snacks in the canteen

A cup of coffee along the sideline and bitterballen in the third half. We provide enough coffee, beer, soft drinks, snacks and sweets in the sports canteen.

Food supplier from Kampen

We are a versatile food wholesaler where almost everyone can go; whether you have an online sports webshop, border shop or wholesaler. We deliver throughout the Netherlands.

Number 1 supplier for vending market

We are the number 1 supplier for vending operators and catering companies. About 10,000 vending machines in the Netherlands are filled with our food products.

Sports canteens

Whether your team’s supporters want a cup of Campenaer Koffie while watching the game from the side line or some ‘bitterballen’ (round croquettes) to munch on after the game, we have the most delicious snacks and beverages for your sports club’s cafeteria.



We also supply products to shops operating in the Dutch-German border area, all the way from southern Limburg to northern Groningen. For instance, we supply supermarkets and petrol stations with products.



Do you operate a wholesale supplier of your own, and are you looking for new food and non-food products with which to expand your range? Let’s say, crisps, sweets, soft drinks and energy drinks? We can provide you with all these things! This is a useful solution for small-scale wholesale suppliers which only produce one type of product themselves – let’s say, soft drinks. Such small-scale wholesale suppliers don’t need to procure an entire pallet’s worth of products. We supply the actual number of products you need, and make sure that we have enough of these products in stock.



Do you operate an online shop that sells confectionery and beverages? If so, we have the right products for you, at attractive prices!



We are the Dutch market leader in terms of sales to vending machine operators and catering businesses. We supply exclusive products and best-selling products by premium brands.



Together, Van Dijk Wholesale and Campenaer Koffie form a unique one-stop shop for all small and medium-sized enterprises. It is very uncommon for wholesale suppliers with a huge range of products and full-service coffee companies to join forces like that!

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Personalised advice

Wish to purchase the products that will go into your gift hampers from us? We’ll be happy to arrange this for you. If you’d like some personalised advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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